14 DECEMBER 2023, MANILA — On December 6, 2023, a Facebook post of Mr. Nelson Terrible entitled: "Cruise Chaos" went viral on social media with now more than 1,500 shares and counting as of today December 14, 2023. The PPA fully appreciates the concern of Mr. Terrible and shares the same sentiment with the irate passengers and motorists that day of November 30, 2023.

To help the public understand what truly transpired on the said date, here are the facts from the said incident:

1. Cruise operation is a joint effort of the cruise vessel (MV Norwegian Jewel), the vessel's ship agent (Ben Line Agencies), the terminal operator (Asian Terminals Inc.), 3rd party transport service (TPLI) and the PPA. There have been several cruise ships that arrived at the Port of Manila this year and the past years and as many as 3 cruise vessels all docked at the same time but have never experienced this kind of incident. This is an isolated incident.

2. Prior to the arrival of MV Norwegian Jewel, meetings have been made between the concerned parties and the PPA to prioritize the safety and security of the cruise passengers. ATI and Ben Line Agencies Inc. committed to provide personnel for traffic management and the deployment of the porters. None of these commitments from ATI and Ben Line Agencies Inc. happened since both did not deploy personnel for traffic management and only 20 civilian porters (not in uniform) have been provided to assist 2,353 disembarking passengers and 2,505 embarking passengers.

3. To help with the improper coordination and poor handling of ATI and Ben Line Inc, PPA assisted by issuing 1,150 temporary vehicle passes and by making sure Malasakit Help Desk provided assistance due to the failed commitment of Ben line Inc. to ensure the smooth travel of the passengers.

4. The traffic also worsened that day since embarking passengers arrived 3 hours earlier than expected while the disembarking passengers are still being assisted by the Bureau of Customs and Bureau of Immigration, contrary to the agreement during the pre-arrival meeting.

ATI and Ben Line were already directed by the PPA to provide explanation on the complaints raised by the passengers which went viral online. Up to this date, December 14, 2023, the PPA is still waiting for the explanation of ATI and Ben line Inc. regarding the incident.

The PPA assures the public of its commitment to the safety and the convenience of cruise passengers by continuously implementing stringent measures and efficient services to create a secure and enjoyable maritime experience.