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AO 001 2012 Supplemental to PPA Administrative Order No. 04-2010 Re Addendum to Section of PPA Administrative Order No. 08-97 entitled "Code of Safe Handling, Storage and Transport of Dangerous Cargoes in Ports" View   
AO 002 2012 Guidelines on the Operation of Weighbridge Facilities and Services at PPA Ports View   
AO 001 2011 Amendment to PPA AO 06-10 View   
AO 001 2011 Amendments to PPA Administrative Order No. 10-96 on the Revised Guidelines in the Evaluation, Selection & Appointment of Harbor Pilots View   
AO 002 2011 Amendment to Item No. 2, Section V, of PPA AO No. 04-2009 Re Revised General Pass Control System & Access Regulations View   
AO 003 2011 Amendments to Section 1 and 2 of PPA Memorandum Circular No. 30-86 Entitled "Guidelines for the Proper Implementation of Extension of Free Storage Period Under Paragraph 16 of PPA Memorandum Circular No. 14-83" View   
AO 004 2011 Treatment in the PPA Books on Electrical Charges on Reefer Containers which Contents are Approved for Condemnation by the Bureau of Customs View   
AO 005 2011 Amendment to Section 18 of the Pro-Forma Cargo Handling Contract View   
AO 006 2011 Guidelines on the Imposition of Weighing Rate for Containers and RO-RO Vehicles View   
DOTC-MC 002 2011 Designation View   
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