The PPA-PNP Joint Firearms Desk

The General Manager, PPA Atty. OSCAR M. SEVILLA approved the putting-up inside the Port Zone from 01-31 October 2009, the PPA-PNP Joint Firearms Desk to attend to firearms holders from port community who will be availing the last and final F/A amnesty as provided for in the E.O. 817- The Government’s Intensified Campaign Against Loose Firearms signed by PGMA last 07 July 2009. The location, Gate 1 South Harbor Port Area, Manila, was granted by AGMO Leopoldo F. BUNGUBUNG where Atty. Edgar C. PILAR, the Port Manager-South Harbor issued a Special Permit to this matter. In-Charge of the Desk are PPSUPT DANTE V DACANAY and PCINSP MANOLITA M GALVAN of PPA and PNP, respectively. the applicants were attended by PSINSP Teodorico I CATUBAY and SPO3 Reynaldo S ROLLE of PNP. While from the PPA were PPSUPT Alano C SALOSAGCOL, PPSINP Erlinda C BENITEZ and IO Jairus B BAUTISTA. The desk handled five hundred eighty two (582) loose firearms for registration/licensing in the said one month amnesty period.

The Port Police Division-South Harbor

The Port Police Division-South Harbor, turned-over a big quantity of Ammunition of various calibers directly to PCSUPT ALFREDO N CABALLES (left), the Chief Firearms and Explosives PNP thru PPSUPT DANTE V DACANAY (middle), member of NALECC Sub-Committee on Firearms, Ammunitions and Explosive Control while PCINSP DENNIS L ARTIL (right), Chief IIS-FED, inspected the items. Under the ISPS Security Code being strictly implemented by the Port Police PPA-Wide, shipment of Explosives are prohibited not unless with permit from PNP that checks its proper transport for safety and security.


La Presidenta in Zamboanga

Never been this ecstatic. The President poses with PM Miole and PMO-Zamboanga personnel.

A historic day. Her Excellency Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo led the ribbon-cutting ceremony, assisted by Zamboanga City Mayor Celso Lobregat and District Manager Sak Sawdjaan; meanwhile, Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita and Port Manager Nilo Miole look on.

Her Excellency Gloria Macapagal Arroyo recently visited Port of Zamboanga as her Excellency President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo graciously walked on the newly-expanded back-up area

of the facility to inaugurate the port expansion project. As the highest official of the Philippines waved, smiled, and said her hellos to excited Zamboangueños and guests, PPA officials Sak Sawadjaan (PDO-Somin District Manager), and Nilo Miole (PMO-Zamboanga Port Manager) were thankful that everything came together perfectly, even if the PMO was given only two days to prepare for the event.

The project truly calls for the gracious hands of her Excellency in its inauguration, as it costs a whopping Php717.47 million total.

Consisting of two construction stages, Phase I amounted to Php283.23 million, completed in January 2005; while Phase II amounted to Php434.24, and was completed recently, in January this year.

The project is expected to rake in revenue for the Zamboanga port as it has made the facility truly capable of being an ASEAN gateway; with the 270-linear-meter reinforced concrete wharf, 1.8-hectare backup area, improved drainage system and new port lighting facilities now available to welcome foreign and domestic vessels in its berths.

On top of the project inauguration, PGMA presented freed kidnapped teachers Janette de los Reyes, Raphael Mayonado and Freires Quizon to the media. The teachers were taken captive in Landuang Gua Island in January 23 and were released four months later, May 26.

La Presidenta also administered the Oath of Office to new Presidential Assistant for Western Mindanao, Crisanto “Monsi” dela Cruz. (By Karen K. Rivero)


The Symbolic Launching of the PPA ISO-QMS on August 3, 2009, attended by PPA Executives (Upper-L), during which Atty. Gloria Victoria-Bañas, Assistant General Manager for Finance and Administration, lead the unveiling of the PPA Quality Policy Statement (Lower-L) and delivered the Inspirational Message (Right).

The Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) is working on an ISO certification, a move to standardize some of the operational functions in some of its major ports nationwide.

PPA General Manager Atty. Oscar M. Sevilla said that the PPA has selected the “vessel entrance and clearance process at the Port of Batangas” to be certified first after which the process is hoped to be replicated in other major ports.

The state owned corporation recently conducted the symbolic launching of the PPA ISO Quality Management System (QMS) on vessel entrance and clearance at the Port of Batangas. Said ISO QMS certification is being pursued by PPA in line with the objective of the Department of Transportation and Communication (DOTC) Project on the Development of QMS for DOTC cluster Agencies and in compliance with the requirements of Executive Order 605 which directs all departments and agencies of the Executive Branch to establish and adopt the ISO-certified QMS.

During its symbolic launching, PPA AGM Atty. Gloria Bañas said that the launching of the PPA ISO QMS is a fitting realization of the Port Agency’s vision to make the major ports of the country catapult into the international ocean of world class port. “Expectedly, this event now marks PPA’s initial journey towards ISO certification,” AGM Bañas added.

Lilian Javier, PPA port operations services department manager said that the DOTC Project on QMS also aims to provide the required training to enable agencies to gain expertise on the ISO-QMS Standards. Cascading of the trainings and replication of the initial ISO-QMS process to other ports nationwide and/or expansion to other processes are left to the Port Agency to work on.

The PPA targets to start the implementation at the Port of Batangas this mid August and to start working on its replication in Davao and General Santos before the year ends. “We plan to continue the same for the ports of Cagayan de Oro, Zamboanga and Iloilo by next year,” Ms. Javier added.



 The Philippine Ports Authority (PPA), a government and controlled corporation attached to the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) will have the inauguration and blessing of the PPA Museum on July 9, 2009 at 5 in the afternoon in celebration of its 35th Anniversary.

 Secretary Leandro R. Mendoza of the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) is the Keynote Speaker on the occasion.

 The Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) Museum is a realization of the PPA community’s dream of showcasing the contribution of the ports to the country’s cultural heritage and the economy.  The museum aims to collect, preserve and protect materials that depict the history of the Philippine ports, their past and present developments that will inspire an appreciation for its knowledge.  The museum is a continuing project such that contributions or donations in the form of artifacts, memorabilia and other items that will augment the present collection and aid in the expansion and improvement of the museum will be appreciated.

 For its initial offering, the museum will present the ports of Manila consisting of the North and South Harbors, and the Manila International Container Terminal (MICT).  The history of the ports which depicts the pre-colonial period, Spanish period (16th century to 1898), American Rule (1902-1946), the Second World War (1941-1946), Post War rehabilitation and expansion *1946-1999) up to the creation of the Philippine Ports Authority will be featured.  It includes photos of the old ports of Manila, dioramas on the old and present pier setting, vessels and cargo handling equipment used in the ports.  A number of artifacts loaned by port users will also be on display.  Henceforth, other major Philippine ports will be feature in the museum.

 The PPA Museum is located at the 7th Floor of the PPA Head Office Building, A. Bonifacio Drive, South Harbor, Port Area, Manila.



               The Department of Justice (DOJ) said that the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) is vested with the “power to make rules or regulations for the planning, development, construction, maintenance, control, supervision and management of any port or port district and the services to be provided therein” and that under section 6(a)(v) of the PPA’s charter, “the agency is tasked to provide services such as sorting, weighing, measuring or other wise handling of goods, whether on its own, by contract or otherwise, within the port districts and therefore, it has exclusive jurisdiction over the checking services providers in the ports”.

The issue was raised when the Philippine Institute of Petroleum, in its letter dated October 2, 2008 to the PPA conveyed its concern that the accreditation to be made by the Bureau of Customs (BOC) appears to be in duplication of the issuance of the PPA of Permit to Operate (PTO) to cargo checking services providers under PPA Administrative Order (AO) No. 1-2006; and that the BOC accreditation requirements and collection of fees will result to additional costs to the importers and end-users.

DOJ further stated that the rule-making power of the Commissioner of the BOC is confined to prescribing rules for estimating the dutiable weight or quantity of articles imported in customary packing as basis for the levy and collection duties. The subject matter of Customs AO No. 06-2008, which is the accreditation of cargo surveying companies engaged in the business of cargo surveying of all shipments bound for the Philippine carried on bulk or break-bulk vessels, does not relate to the provisions of the Tariff and Customs Code. The said administrative rules have no basis in the law which seeks to put into effect. In doing so, the BOC expanded its authority by requiring the accreditation of checking services providers. “Therefore, Customs AO No. 06-2008 is not valid”, DOJ declared.

PPA Sports and Education Center Inauguration

Philippine Ports Authority AGM for Finance And Administration Atty. Gloria Victoria-Banas is Accompanied by GM Atty. Oscar M. Sevilla and AGM for Operations Leopoldo Bungubung during the ribbon cutting for the inauguration of the PPA Sports and Educational Center, yesterday, May 20, 2009.The center, formerly known as the Seaman’s center will serve as venue for PPA-Gender and Development (PPA-GAD) training and seminars and
to house PPA employees most especially those from the outports traveling to Manila.

The newly renovated building has first rate room and training facilities. Also, there are provisions for a gym as well as other sports facilities. A large swimming pool located at the back of the edifice is still under renovation.




The Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) has issued guidelines to all its port offices on the Influenza A (H1N1), a deadly virus more known as swine flu, which started in Mexico and is now spreading in different countries around the world. PPA Assistant General Manager for Operations, AGM Leopoldo Bungubung said that the instruction to govern health measures at all seaport entries will focus on arriving/departing passengers and crew from or to international travels to prevent, protect, control and mitigate the transmission or spread of said Influenza virus. 

These guidelines which were based on the memorandum circular issued by the Bureau of Quarantine shall strictly enforce and implement the following: 

1.       To assist quarantine personnel in seaports in the heightened surveillance of international travellers arriving with Influenza-like Illness (ILI) and to report any case;

2.       Assist quarantine personnel in seaports in conducting health promotion and education activities in advising arriving passengers/crew on the importance of the Health Alert Notices (HAN) and if warranted, in the submission of a duly accomplished Health Declaration Checklist to quarantine officials;

3.       Ensure that all arriving vessels at seaports of entry are to be boarded first by a quarantine medical officer.  It must be emphasized that only after a Free Pratique is issued will other persons be allowed to embark or disembark.  Harbor pilots and port workers shall only board and work on vessels after ascertaining that a Free Pratique has already been granted;

4.       Issuance of direct berthing privileges (Controlled Pratique) shall be on a case-to-case basis or suspended if warranted, depending on the pandemic alert phase of the virus outbreak.  If direct berthing is allowed, the quarantine medical officer shall clear the vessel first before boarding by other persons;

5.       Vessel master shall report in advance any case of influenza-like illness, other health emergencies and deaths on board the vessel.  The required health declaration documents shall also be properly accomplished and submitted to the quarantine medical officer;

6.       Assist in implementing previously designed and agreed upon quarantine health protocols in handling suspected cases of swine influenza or other infectious diseases. 

In the wake of the Influenza A outbreak, these screening measures were also being adopted in all airports.




The Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) GM Atty. Oscar M. Sevilla recently announced the recognition bestowed by the City Government to PPA Puerto Princesa Manager Mr. Luis A. Cuison. 

Port Manager Luis A. Cuison was conferred the Mayor’s Award during Puerto Princesa City’s 137th Foundation Day last March 4, 2009 in grateful recognition of his contribution to the environmental campaign of the City through his management of PPA facilities under the Puerto Gwapo Program and the honor/prestige he brought to the City in winning as the nation’s “Most Environment Friendly Port,” among others. 

His individual contribution as founder/organizer of PPA’s Puerto Gwapo Program has further enhanced the image of the City as a premier destination not only for seafaring tourists but to the rest of local visitors.  The City Government has included the port in their guests’ itinerary as one of the showcases of its Clean and Green Program. 

The Philippine Ports Authority as a matter of policy puts premium on establishing rapport with and providing support to programs of LGUs which are mutually beneficial as in the case of the Clean and Green and Green Program.  This became a regular feature of the PMO’s Plans and Programs, participating in coastal clean ups and reforestation activities at he City’s watershed (Pista Y ang Kagueban) and at coastal areas (mangrove reforestation). 

PPA Puerto Princesa’s Clean and Green efforts intensified during the past three years, earning recognition from the City Government and in July 2008 the “most Environment Friendly Port Award” from the PPA management.  All these took place during the term of Port Manager Cuison, translating to action PPA’s mission of sustaining development of our port communities and the environment. 

The Mayor’s Award is conferred by Mayor Edward S. Hagedorn to individuals who have rendered their voluntary services contributing to the development of the City of Puerto Princesa. 

PM Cuison shares the honor of the Mayor’s Award with his staff, PPA management and the port community without whose support the feat could have not been achieved.


MOA between PPA and PCG on VTMS


Last March 02, 2009 The Philippine Ports Authority General Manager Atty. Oscar M. Sevilla and Philippine Coast Guard Commandant VADM Wilfredo D. Tamayo recently signed the Memorandum of Agreement to jointly implement/operate the Vessel Traffic Management Systems (VTMS) facility.  Looking on are (L-R) DM Lilian Javier, DM Atty. David Simon, Engr. Abdulzatak Pandapatan (PPA Board TWG member) and PPA AGM Leopoldo Bungunbung.  The VTMS facility was established by the PPA in accordance with the International Convention on the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS), 1974, which the Philippines has adopted and ratified.  The VTMS likewise aims to ensure the safety of navigation of vessels, safeguard the security of vessels, facilities, individuals and properties as well as provide users of the VTMS, the timely information and necessary assistance when need arises.




PPA General Manager Atty. Oscar M. Sevilla (topmost right photo) seated with Atty. Vicente S. Aquino, (topmost left photo) the Executive Director of the Anti-Money Laundering Council and Chairman of the NALECC Sub-Committee on Anti-Money Laundering/Combating the Financing of Terrorism after delivering the welcome remarks at the regular meeting of the SC AML/CFT held at the PPA Board Room last 19 March2009.  Atty. Sevilla expressed his deep appreciation of the work being done by the SC AML/CFT and its member-representatives from 23 government agencies like the BSP, AMLC, BI, DFA, DOJ, ISAFP, NBI, NICA, PNP, PAOCC and the PCTC, among others. PPSupt Dante V Dacanay, a regular member, represented the Authority with the able participation of PPSupt Loving F Fetalvero Jr, PPA Head Office, PPInsp Erlinda C Benitez, PPD South Harbor and PPSupt Renato E Gamis, PPD North Harbor Station Commander.