Contact Person: Mr. Richard Tiamsim / 723-5148

The Port of Bauan has a total land area of 4,207.10 square meters. It is more or less Thirthy (30) minutes drive from the Adminstrative Building of the PMO Batangas. It is a reinforced concrete pier on concrete usef in handling general cargoes, argricultural and industrial products.


Location. Bauan Port is located at Lat. 13" 46.80'N, Long. 121"01'E, Northeast Coast of Batangas bay, South of Luzon Island in barangay Aplaya, Bauan, Batangas, BGCS chart 42144257.

Distance. Distance to Port of Batangas is eleven (11) km by the road.

Port Area . The total port area of TMO Bauan is 7,837.00 square meters.

Land Access . It is completely cemented provincial road connecting thr barangays built by the Municipalitym of Bauan. The access road is very narrow that hauling trucks could not easily maneuver while entering the port zone. The terminal has two(2) gates. The main gate is situated at the northern part of the TMO while the other one is located at the western side of the fence which is being used by Philippines Coast Guard (PCG). The main and PCG gates are made of round bars and steel plates. The access(Entry/Exit) for predestrians and vehicles are not segregated.

Entrance channel/Turning basin

Physical Environment/Topography. The perimeter fence is located at the western, easter nd northern portion, which is more orless 5 feet and 7 inches upward without top guard. The fence is made of concrete (HB) with a total mwasurement of 201.3 meters long. Is has an opening on western and eastern part of the terminal. TMO Bauan has five (5) lighting systems. Out of five posts, two have three (3) floodlights each and other three have four (4) floodlights each. These posts are intalled at different areas, one is placed near the main gate at the norther part; one is located at the northern ans easter tip of the fence; one is situated near the eastern of berthing area and the last one is at the tip of the foot of finger pier located at the western side of terminal. The switch of the said lighting system is installed inside the PPA office near the main door of the building. The TMO Bauan has two (2) buildings located near the main gate and beside the eastern part of the fence. The PPA office is situated near the gate with a total measurement of 38 suare meters and manned by eight (8) personnel. At the Back of the MLD BASS arrastre building with a total measurement of 40 suare meters.

Anchorage and Fairway. Anchorage area is 15 mile from shoreline, southwest of the piers with depth of 27 meters mud bottom. During southwest monsoon, vessels may anchor off Mabini, Batangas. Good holding grounds off 400 miles from the shoreline, with depth of 22meters mud bottom. This anchorage are is same as the anchorage area of the Port if Batangas(baseport).

Pilotage. Not compulsary. The Batangas Harbor Pilots Association of Batangas City must have advised of the vessels ETA within twenty four hours.

Shore Reception Facility. Garbage collection and services are being undertaken by Golden Dragon International Services, Inc.

Navigational Aids. No available navigational aids, Master Mariners were guided by the Dome of Legendary Church of Immaculate Conception Parish.

Breakwater The harbor is protected by a natural breakwater, a mountain located in the Minucipality of Mabini.

Storage Areas. An open storage area of approximately 3,492 square meters is available.

Information Technology and Information System Long distance telephone and telegraph services are available through Bayantel telephone system, RCPI, PT&T the TELECOM amd the local ROMBLONTEL. Private and government communication facilities are all located at the town proper.

Telecommunications.At present, the means od communication of the terminal are telephone, fax machine and mobile/cell phone.

Technology and security features. The TMO are manned by three PPA hired security guards from Lockeheed and Watchman Agency, Inc. The port has as enclosed gate for entrance and exit of cargoes and vehicles with assigned security guard and gatekeeper

Other available port facilities.

Back-up Area. TMO Bauan has only one back-up area. It is located at the eastern side of the terminal near the fence, adjacent to the office of PPA and Arrastre. Its total lot area is 1,750 square meters. Though it is not yet paved, it is being utilized as holding area for cargo vehicles.

Equipments. The terminal has two equipments, forklift and a crane. These equipments are being used by the MLD Brokerage Arrastre Services, Inc., the cargo handling operator for the Port of Bauan for loading/unloading purposes.

Water Supply System. With main supply pipe of 10" diameters and a distribution pipe of 8" diameters. The source is the pumping station of Bauan Water Supply System.

Port Authority. TMO Bauan is under the jurisdiction of Philippine Ports Authority, Port Management Office-Batangas situated in Brgy. Sta. Clara, Batangas City.

Terminal Operator. MLD BrokerageArrastre and Stevedoring Services.

Contact Person: Ms. Shirly Dolor, Asst. General Manager and Teasurer / 727-4155

Other Government Agencies in the Port. Philippine Cost Guard, having a detachment inside the port, a roving patrol of PNP Maritime Group and the local PNP Station located in Poblacion, Bauan, Batangas.


III. Vessel Services

Bertthing Facilities. The berthing area is located at the southern part of the terminal, with two to seven draft. It can accomodate four vessels, both local and foreign, can dock in a month. It can accomodate various types of cargoes suh as conventional, bottled, livestocks, grains and liquid. The RC pier is 76 meters x 9 meters connected by a 209 meters long rock causeway. It has two 9 meters x 11 meters RORO ramps for RORO vessels.

Roll-On-Roll-Off(RORO) Facilities. 2 RORO ramps with 9 meters x 11 meters

Other Berthing Areas: For small bancas and outriggers

Barging/Litherage Operation: On a contract basis. No available office in the port but in case of necessity, we can offer offices in Metro Manila.

Bunkering: Provided by Caltex Philippines, Inc. Petrophil and Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation.

Tug Assistance : Provided by Malayan Towage and Salvage Corporation and Harbor Star Shipping Services Inc..

Fresh Water Supply : Water is providedby local waterworks system and local suppliers.

Ship Cleaning :Keppel Philippines Shipyard, Inc at Brgy. Bolo, Bauan, Batangas

Ship/Equipment Repair : Keppel Philippines Shipyard, Inc at Brgy. Bolo, Bauan, Batangas

Ship Chandling: Contracted to various shipchandling services operator.

Maritime waste and garbage collection: Golden Dragon International Services, Inc. Wastegarde Philippines, Inc.



Arrastre/stevedoring. Cargo handling services are being handled by MLD Brokerage Arrastre and Steveoring Services (MLD BASS)

Warehousing: Private warehouses leased by Pepsi Cola situated in Sitio Daang Dagat, Brgy. Aplaya, Bauan, Batangas

Container Freight Station : None

Container Yard : None

Reefer Container : None

Container Freight Station : None

Dangerous Cargoes : Discharged at the anchorage area

Automobile compount/yard: Discharged at the private port facilities in BIPI in the Port of Batangas (Baseport)

Customs Brokerage/freight forwarding : Contracted by various custom brokers and frieght forwarders.

Weighing Machine : None

Weighbridge/truck Scale : None

Trucking/hauling Services: Contracted to various port ancillary services operators

Other cargo handling services : None

Equipment Leasing : No office in the Port, in case of necessity, port users can contact at office in Metro Manila



Passenger Terminal Building (PTB)/Shed : A passenger terminal of approximately 200 square meters is provided with amenities like canteens and comfort rooms.

Passenger Ferry Services : Outriggers/small bancas

Vehicle Parking Area : None

Booking/Freight Forwarding : None

Banking Services : Metrobank, Bank of the Philippine Islands Utility Bank

Telecomminucation Services : telephone-IDD/NDD services are available at the town proper (Bauan) 1 km from the port.

Medical Facilities : Bauan Doctors Hospital, Bejasa Hospital, Bauan Community Hospital, Puericultute Center Medical Clinic of Practicing Physician.

Necessary customs, immigartion,quarantine and health clearances: Available in the Port of Batangas (Baseport)


  • One-stop-shop for paying port charges and fees: At PPA Terminal Management Office
  • E-Payment: None
  • Helpdesk for port users: PPA Terminal Management Office


  • International Liners: None
  • Domestic Liners: None


  • Agents, domestic Shipping Lines: Viva Shipping Lines, MBRS Shipping Lines, Trnsmer Shipping and other trampers.
  • Agents, foreign shipping lines: V. Faytaren Shipping Services. Bgry. Sta Clara, Batangas City
  • Banks:
    • Bank of the Philippine Islands
    • Metrobank, Lucena City
  • Bunkering:
    • Caltex Philippines, Inc., Brgy. Sta. Rita, San Pascual Batangas
    • Petrophil Inc., Mainaga, Mabini, Batangas
  • Cargo Handling Operators:
    • MLD Brokerage Arrastre and Stevedoring Services, Brgy. Aplaya, Bauan, Batangas
  • Chandling and General Supplies
  • Cold Storage Operators:None
  • Container and chassis depot operators: None
  • Container freight stations:None
  • Container leasing and sales :None
  • Container maintenance and repair :None
  • Custom Brokers and forwarders :None
  • Export packing, rigging and crating :None
  • Freight consolidators :None
  • Foreigh Trade Zones :None
  • Government Agencies:
    • Philippine Coast guard, PNP Maritime Group, Local Philippine National Police
  • Logistical Services: None
  • Maritime waste and garbage contractors:
    • Golden Dragon International Services Inc.
    • Wastegarde Philippines, Inc., Port of Batangas, Sta. Clara, Batangas City
  • Pilotage services:
    • Batangas harbor Pilots Association , Bgry., Sta Clara, Batangas City
  • Power Supply: Bauan Electric Power Suppply System, Poblacion Bauan Batangas
  • Scales and weigh stations: Port of Batangas, Sta Clara, Batangas City
  • Towing and tugboat operators:
    • Malayan Towage and Salvaging Corporation, Port of Batangas, Sta. Clara, Batangas City
    • Harbor Star Shipping Services, Star Shipping Services, Port of Batangas, Sta. Clara, Batangas City



  Port Statistics
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5-Year Shipping Statistics
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v Cargo and Passenger Statistics for the 1st Qtr 2008