Asia Pacific Timber & Plywood Corp.
Cagayan de Oro Corn Products
Cagayan de Oro Oil Co., Inc.
Carlos A. Gothong Lines, Inc.
Del Monte Philippines, Inc.
General Milling Corp.
Holcim Philippines
Pilipinas Kao Inc.
Pryce Gases Inc.
Resins Inc.
San Miguel Corporation
Wilmar Edible Oil Philippines, Inc.

  Contact Person:  MR. NECITAS G. LAYOLA , Jr.
                                          Port Manager

      Tel. no. : (088) 856-9098 to 99 ; (088) 309-3800
      Fax No. : (088) 856-9100
      Email Address:  ppapmocdo@ppa.com.ph


The Baseport of Cagayan de Oro is situated in Cagayan de Oro City, the capital of Misamis Oriental and the regional center of Northern Mindanao. Its exact location is at 08°32’5” North and 124°40’ East in the Northern Coast of Mindanao within Macajalar Bay, near the mouth of the Cagayan de Oro River. Macajalar Bay faces northwest and is protected to the east by a stretch of coast running almost due north for nearly 30 kilometers. A highway links Cagayan de Oro with Iligan, Butuan and Davao.  The Pilot Boarding station is at 08 31.5’ North and 124 40’ East ,124 40.5’ East for domestic. The depth of safe anchorage is 60 fathoms which is approximately 400 meters from the shore.

The Cagayan de Oro Port Zone has a total area of 364 hectares composed of a land area of about 24 hectares and sea area of 340 hectares. It is bounded on the North by the new tourist destination, MacArthur Memorial Marker and on the Southeast by the shores of  Barangay Lapasan.


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NAVIGATIONAL APPROACH Macajalar Bay is a wide-mouth bay. Steer to position not less than 1.5 miles north of Macabalan Point until pilot boards.


NAVIGATIONAL AID.  Lighthouse – flashing green light every 5 seconds 58 ft. or 9 meters h.


ANCHORAGE AREA. Approximately 8o 29.2’ North 124 40.7’ East. The depth of safe anchorage is 60 fathoms which is approximately 400 meters from the shore.


ENTRANCE CHANNELS. Cagayan de Oro has no channel.


TURNING BASINS.  Macajalar Bay is a wide basin and with a very deep water. You can turnaround five cables from shoreline.


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The range of mountains protecting Macajalar Bay rises to 2,560 meters above mean sea level and to the south by the Kitanglad mountains up to 2,900 meters high.


The Cagayan River flows down between the Kitanglad and Mapoto mountains in a steep sided valley, disgorging into the south side of Macajalar Bay through a wide alluvial plain. The headland to the east of the river mouth, Macabalan Point, protects the smaller inner bay. Cagayan de Oro City is established on the east bank of the river about 3 kilometers from its mouth.




The sea bed off the port is steeply shelving and reaches 1,000 meters depth at the entrance of the Macajalar Bay.




There are strong waves in Macajalar Bay but these waves are expected  to have little effect on the port because it is sheltered by the Macabalan Point.


A portion of the southern branch of the north equatorial current flows through the Mindanao Sea and is strongest during the period of December to March. On the southern part of the sea, the currents are variable and tend to follow the wind direction. Thus, it is possible for an anti-clockwise current to exist in Macajalar Bay, varying in intensity throughout the year.




Under normal condition, the weather is from light to moderate winds from the North East, coastal water waves will be from light to moderate effects. Generally, the prevailing wind is from the north and northwest. Annual rainfall is relatively low and occurs mainly from May to July, coinciding with the period of the southwest monsoon.


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Total Port Area       240,000 sq.m.

Quay Length              1,152 linear meters

Controlling Draft          8.50 meters/11 meters

                        ●Lagoon 1         45.60 m        

                        ●Lagoon 2         38.40 m                      

                        ●Berths 1,2         9.10 m                                                 

                        ●Berths 3,4,5      8.00 m

                        ●Berths 6,7         8.46 m                                             

                        ●Berths 8,9       10.31 m

                        ●Berth 10          10.84 m                                             

                        ●Berth 11          11.36 m

                        ●Berths 12,13      11.9 m




The port has thirteen (13) common uses berthing spaces, having a total length of about 1,152 lm.

●Berths 1-2 are utilized for 100m foreign cargo vessels.

●Berths 3-5 are utilized for Cebu-run passenger vessels at Mediterranean docking.

●Berths 6-9 are utilized for Manila-run passenger/cargo vessels.

●Berths 10-11 are utilized for domestic and foreign container vessels.

●Berths 12-13 are utilized for deep draft foreign vessels.


Open Storage Areas                   21,561 sq.m.

1 Transit Shed                             2,700 sq.m.

Open Transit Shed                       5,280 sq.m.

Container Freight Station             5,506 sq.m.

Container Yard                           14,636 sq.m.

Stacking Area                             25,647 sq.m.

RoRo Ramp                  (10.5m X 12.5m, LCT Type)      1 unit

Weighbridge                         (60-ton capacity)             2 units





Reclaimed Back-Up Area At Berth12                           23,000 sq.m.

Stuffing/Stripping Area                                              6,665 sq.m.

Marshalling Yard                                                         9,112 sq.m.

Reefer Outlets (400V)                                                    126 units

Storage Tanks for Molasses by Private Sector             10,000 metric ton capacity

Cold Storage Facilities at CFS by CHO                          1,260 metric ton capacity

Basketball, Volleyball and Tennis Courts

Greenbelt Area




Material Recovery Facility (MRF)                                        1 unit

Greenbelt Area                                                              150 Hardwood Trees

Other Areas With Green Cover                                       200 Hardwood Trees

Color-Coded Waste Receptacles                                       49 Sets

Fire Hydrants                                                                 15 units                                                       

Water Hydrant                                                               10 units

Container Inspection System (BOC)                                   1 unit

Access Control Center                                                     Gate 4

Shore Reception Facility (SRF)                                         Area Q

Beacon Light/Lighthouse                                                 Berth 12

Safety and Environment Signages                                  100 pcs.

Oil Spill Equipment and Facilities                                     Area Q, Oil Spill Eqpt. Shed

by Private Sector




Passenger Terminal Complex                                   15,400sq.m.



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CARGO HANDLING                     


                    Oroport Cargo Handling Services, Inc.

                                Tel. Nos. (08822) 725-728; 725-626; (088) 856-9056; 856-8759

                                Radio Freq. 14.3375      Fax : (088) 856-9531      Email: oroport@yahoo.com




                    Cagayan Harbor Pilots, Inc.

                                Tel: (088) 856-8895; 309-6070   Fax: (088) 856-8895


ANCILLARY SERVICES                                                                                        


                       Tug Assistance                       Marcoso Tug Services, Inc.

                                                                         Tel. No. (088) 856-2623    Fax: 856-8924


                                                         Harbor Star Shipping Services, Inc.

                                                             Tel. No. (088) 309-8417     Fax: 856-1594


           Shore Reception Facility        Golden Dragon International Terminals, Inc.

                                                            Tel. No. (088) 856-1692 ; Fax: 536-1386


           Porterage                              Macajalar Wharf Porters Association


           Ship-Related                          Bunkering          Watering          Mooring/unmooring


           Other Services                        Container transfer                      Bagging   

                                                         Trucking services                        Chandling 

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 Shipping Lines Directory


 Shipping Line                 2GO Group, Inc.

 Main Address                 8th-11th Floor Times Plaza UN Ave. cor. Taft Ave. Ermita, Manila, P.O. Box 2948 Manila

 Contact No.                   (032) 528 7400  

 Branch Address               J. Pacana St., Puntod, Cagayan de Oro City

 Contact Person               Rey Salutan

 Contact Nos.                  09193390927; 09268820172; 09275432432; 09095195088; (088) 8547417

 Fax No.                          (088) 854 7400

 Website                          www.2go.com.ph                                           


 Shipping Line                  Asian Marine Transport Corporation

 Main Address                  #38 Gorordo Ave., Cebu City

 Contact No.                    (032) 2325361       

 Branch Address               Stall #8-9 Passenger Terminal Complex, Port Area, Macabalan, Cagayan de Oro City

 Contact Person                Anastacio P. Lim, Jr.

 Contact Nos.                   (088) 856 7183

 Fax No.                           (032) 412 0380;  (088) 856 7183

 Website                          www.supershuttleferry.com    

 Email Address                  junplim@yahoo.com

 Position                          Station Manager


  Shipping Line                Ocean Transport Group of Companies, Inc.

  Main Address                Cebu City

  Contact No.                  (088) 880 5983

  Branch Address              Dacudao Compound, Puntod, Cagayan de Oro City

  Contact Person              RysanPahente

  Contact Nos.                 (088) 880-5983

  Fax No.                         Not Available

  Website                        None

  Position                        Operation In-charge


  Shipping Line               Philippine Span Asia Carrier Corporation

  Main Address               Sulpicio Go St., Reclamation Area, Cebu City

  Contact No.                  (032) 232 5361

  Branch Address             J. Pacana St. Puntod, Cagayan de Oro City

  Contact Person             Ernesto Q. Uy

  Contact Nos.                088 856 9695, (088) 880 0195

  Fax No.                       (088) 856 9695

  Website                       None

  Email Addres                psacc_cdo@yahoo.com

  Position                       Branch Manager


  Shipping Line                Ocean Fast Ferries, Inc.

  Main Address                Pier 1, CPA Bldg., Cebu City

  Contact No.                   09228880267;  (032) 255 7560     

  Branch Address              Port Macabalan, Cagayan de Oro City

  Contact Person              Marisa E. Valiente

  Contact Nos.                 09268943884

  Fax No.                         (032) 255 0115

  Website                         www.oceanjet.net        

  Email Address                cagayan@oceanjet.net

  Position                         Teller


 Shipping Line                  Lite Shipping Corporation

 Main Address                   #14 G.L. Lavilles St. cor. M.J. Cuenco Ave., BrgyTinago, Cebu City

 Contact No.                     (032) 255 1721  

 Branch Address                Fronting Gate 1B Macabalan, Cagayan de Oro City

 Contact Person                Kenneth Jose A. Ayson

 Contact Nos.                   09276595270

 Fax No.                          (032) 255 1724;

 Website                          www.lite-shipping.com              

 Email Address                 lsc_cebu@yahoo.com

 Position                         Port Staff


 Shipping Line                 Solid Shipping Lines Corporation

 Main Address                 Pier 8 North Harbor, Tondo, Manila

 Contact No.                   (02) 245-0585, 0586, 0587

 Branch Address              GaabucayanPuntod, Cagayan de Oro City 

 Contact Person              Marciano L. Ybañez

 Contact Nos.                 856-2029 / 856-2025       

 Fax No.                         (02) 245-3023;  856-2028

 Website                        www.solidshipping.com

 Email Address               cdo_acct@solidshipping.com

 Position                        Branch Manager


 Shipping Line                Trans-Asia Shipping Lines, Inc.

 Main Address                 M.J. Cuenco cor. Osmeña Blvd., Cewbu City

 Contact No.                   (032) 254-6491

 Branch Address               Macabalan, Cagayan de Oro City

 Contact Person               Alberto O. Go

 Contact Nos.                  (088) 856-8691;  856-9371; 856-6435

 Fax No.                         (032) 255-7899;

 Website                         www.transasiashipping.com     

 Email Address                None

 Position                         Branch Manager


 Shipping Line                 Gothong Southern Shipping Lines

 Main Address                  3/F Don Carlos A. Gothong, Port Centre, Pier 4, Quezon Boulevard, Cebu City

 Contact No.                    (032) 231-7100

 Branch Address               J. Pacana St., Puntod, Cagayan de Oro City

 Contact Person               George A. Godinez

 Contact Nos.                  (0917) 771-1342 / (088) 852-0261              

 Fax No.                          (032)232-4100   

 Website                          www.gothong.com        

 Email Address                 gagodinez@gothong.com

 Position                          Branch Manager


 Shipping Line                    Oceanic Container Lines, Inc.

 Main Address                   #511 Honorio Lopez Blvd, Tondo, Manila 1000

 Contact No.                     (02) 254-1212 (02) 255-4283        

 Branch Address                 2/F Rm 211-212 Waterside Living Complex, J. Pacana St., Puntod, Cagayan de Oro City

 Contact Person                 Jay Padillo

 Contact Nos.                    (0917) 562-7689; (088) 856-2498              

 Fax No.                           (02) 255-4289;  (088) 856-8294

 Website                           www.oceanic.ph            

 Email Address                  cagayandeoro@oceanic.ph

 Position                           Branch Manager



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  Port Statistics
 (in MS Excel Files)

5-Year Port Traffic Statistics

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