The Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) is one of the government controlled corporations to adopt policy and programs that address women in development.


In 1994, through the issuance of PPA Special Order No. 510-94, entitled Designation of PPA Representative to the National DOTC-WID Focal Point and Creation of the Technical Working Group and Secretariat, the PPA Gender and Development (GAD) was established.  The first GAD Focal Point was chaired by Ms. Clementia Totoc, then Manager of Administrative and Services Department. 


In 1997, said Special Order was amended through PPA Special Order No. 249-97, which reconstituted the PPA Head Office GAD Focal Point.  Further on, another reconstitution was issued under PPA Administrative Order No. 102-2001, which includes the Port District Office (PDO)/Port Management Office (PMO) GAD Focal Points and Technical Working Groups that are responsible for the promotion of gender development concerns in the ports.  This expanded GAD Focal Point was chaired by Ms. Aida P. Dizon, former Assistant General Manager for Finance and Administration.


In the first decade of PPA GAD Focal Point operations, the following major programs were accomplished:

  1. Establishment of a pool of Gender Sensitivity Training (GST) trainers
  2. Establishment of the Halfway House, known as Bahay Silungan sa Daungan (BSD)
  3. Conduct of symposia that cover topics such as reproductive health and rights, responsible parenthood, sexual harassment, and empowerment of working women
  4. Conduct of vocational, entrepreneurial and livelihood skills programs, (made possible in coordination with TESDA and NEGOESKWELA and other training instutions), for PPA employees as well as other members of the port community, particularly the informal settlers within the port areas
  5. Information-dissemination through the publication of the GAD Digest
  6. Establishment of the GAD Library in all PPA PMOs
  7. Establishment/operation of the PPA Day Care Center
  8. Establishment of Kalakbay Projects
  9. Provision of various port facilities/amenities such as priority passenger lanes for pregnant women, women with children, and persons with special needs; and Child Care Stations
  10. Establishment and operation of satellite clinic in PMO North Harbor in coordination with the Local Government Unit (LGU)
  11. Construction and turn-over to the Department of Education of the 3-storey 6-room elementary school building at the Isla Putting Bato, PMO North Harbor.
  12. Other pro-poor programs implemented by virtue of Executive Order No. 27


At present, the PPA GAD Focal Point is chaired by Atty. Oscar M. Sevilla, PPA General Manager. 


The GAD Focal Point programs are currently focused on poverty alleviation, continuing advocacy for women’s development as well as protecting the natural environment to reduce the adverse impact of Climate Change.




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