The    dynamism   of    the    Philippine    Ports    Authority’s   Gender   and   Development   (PPA-GAD)
as an active force in bringing improvements to the lives of both the  Agency’s  employees  and  its  port
community  beneficiaries does  not  stop  at  the  successful  delivery of  livelihood programs and other
support  systems.  PPA-GAD  has  also  its  hands  full  in  pursuing projects,  on  a regional scale, with
particular  focus  on  both  the  organization  and  the  clientele  it  serves.  These  programs do not only
benefit  women  but  also  enable  them  to  participate  in  decision-making  processes.  The  following
programs/projects  that  specifically  cover  Organizational  Development;  Security, Safety, Health and
Environment;  Port  Operations  and  Services;  and  Corporate  Social Responsibility, which the PPA-
GAD  accomplished in CY 2009 speak well of its resolute desire to make a difference in the lives of its

1. Organization-Focused

        1.1 Organizational Development

              1.1.1 Operation and Management of the PPA Educational and Sports Complex

            The  establishment  of  the  Complex  is  in  consonance  with the mandate of the Philippine
            Ports Authority to provide training and sports facilities for its personnel and clientele. Aside
            from    said   facilities,   it   also   offers   comfortable   and   affordable   temporary   lodging
            amenities  to  PPA  personnel  and  valued  customers.  The Complex, renamed PPA GAD
            Center  during  the  11th   National   Annual   GAD   Planning   Conference   held   on  17-18
            September 2009, was inaugurated on 20 May 2009, followed by its soft opening.

               1.1.2 Planning and Monitoring of GAD Activities

             To  address   the   need   for   a   gender-responsive   PPA   Plans   and   Programs,  three
            GAD  Planning   Conferences/Workshops   were   attended   by  members/ representatives
            of the different PPA GAD Focal Points, namely: (1) 11th Head Office Annual GAD Planning
            and Assessment Conference held on 10-11 September 2009 at the PPA GAD Center;  (2)
           11th  National  Annual  GAD  Planning  Conference  convened  on  17-18  September 2009,
           also  at  the  PPA  GAD  Center;  and  (3)  DOTC  GAD  Planning  Workshop  conducted on
           25-26 November 2009 at the Waterfront Hotel, Lahug, Cebu City.

               1.1.3 Conduct of Training for Women

           The      Head      Office      GAD     Focal     Point     (HO    GAD    FP)     consolidated     and
           evaluated  results   culled   from   surveys   administered   to   PPA   employees.   The   goal
           was  to determine  the entrepreneurial/livelihood  skills  that  the  employees  might  want  to
          acquire  to  help  them  uplift  their  economic  situation  for  a much brighter future. Based on
          survey  results,  the  PPA  facilitated  the  conduct  of  16 seminars/workshops held within the
          period   of   August  to  September  2009  at  the  different  PPA-wide  training   venues.  The
          training  courses  offered   ranged   from   Cuisine   Cooking,   Meat   and   Fish   Processing
          to  Reflexology.  The  participants  were  selected Head  Office,   Port  District  Office  (PDO),
          and Port Management Office (PMO) personnel.

               1.1.4 Conduct of GAD Awareness Campaign

          This     project     is    aimed    at    raising     the     level     of     consciousness     on     gender
          issues   among   PPA   employees   and   their   families.   The   training   and/or   awareness
          campaign  conducted  within  the  period  of  May  to  December  2009   focused   on   topics
          concerning  GAD  Sensitivity,  Responsible  Parenthood,  and  Gift  of  Abundance.  In March
          2009,  the   different   PPA   GAD   FPs   also   held   programs   and   joined   the   march   in
          celebration  of  Women’s  Month.  In   May   2009,   the   nationwide   march   against   Human
          Trafficking    and    Violence    Against    Women   was   also   participated   in   by   the   GAD
          members of Head Office and of the different PDOs and PMOs.

               1.1.5 Networking, Information Dissemination, and Data Bank Conversion

           The     lack     of     information    and    materials    in    PPA     on     GAD-related     concerns
           was  appropriately  addressed  in  undertaking  this  project.  The  accomplishments  on  this
          regard  for  2009  include  the  ongoing  development/enhancement   of   the   GAD   Website,
          generation    of    Sex-Disaggregated    Data,    and    the    Maintenance   of   Linkages   with
          pertinent   agencies  and  entities  involved  in  resolving  GAD-related  issues,  (i.e.,  DSWD;
          DOH; LGUs; law enforcement agencies; etc.).

      1.2. Security, Safety, Health and Environment

               1.2.1 Conduct of Seminar, Fora and Continuing Education

          The     relatively     low     level     of    awareness    on    Occupational    Health     and    Safety
          Hazards,  and  Women  on  Environmental  Protection,  prompted  the  PPA  GAD  to pursue
          this  program.  Within  the  period  of  July  to  December  2009,  seminars/training/programs
         were conducted  that  cover  areas  on  Health,  Stress  Management,  First Aid, Proper  Diet,
         and  Physical  Fitness.  Likewise,  on the environmental aspect, nationwide greening projects
         were  undertaken  such  as  tree  planting, mangrove propagation, urban gardening and other
         related  programs  on  waste  segregation,  recycling  and  reuse. The  PDOs/PMOs also did
         their share mostly through the conduct of port and coastal area clean-up activities.

               1.2.2 Provision of Needed Facilities and Equipment

The  PPA  GAD  worked  towards  the  provision  of  sufficient  space to facilitate the conduct of weekly
dance fitness and sports activities usually scheduled after office hours.

2. Client-Focused

      2.1 Port Operations and Services

              2.1.1 Assistance in Addressing the Problem on Trafficking of Women and Children

         To     ensure    the    safety    and    convenience    of    women   and   children    in   the   ports,
         the  PPA  GAD  facilitated  and  monitored  the  continuing  establishment and  upkeep of the
        Bahay  Silungan  sa  Daungan  (Halfway House) in the different PPA ports across the country.
        The  Halfway  House  provides  temporary  shelter  to  stranded  travellers  and/or   victims   of
        trafficking    in    person,    usually    women    and   children.    Priority   lanes,   signages,   and
        other  amenities/tools such  as  family  room, breastfeeding area,  diaper-changing area, kids’
        play  area  and  child  care  station,  interfaith  prayer  room,   and   first   aid   kits    were   also
        provided  particularly  at  the  Passenger  Terminal  Buildings.  The  Women’s  Desk   and  the
        Passenger  Information  Desk  were  designated  to  raise  the  level  of awareness on gender
        rights  and  concerns   of   travellers,   coupled   with   the   provision   of  pertinent   information
        materials, including the PPA GAD Bulletin.

       2.2 Corporate Social Responsibility

             2.2.1 Information Campaign

         To     instil    awareness    on    the    Anti-Sexual   Harassment   Act   and   Violence   Against
        Women  and  Children  (VAWC)  laws,  the   PPA   GAD   pushed   for   the   inclusion  of   the
        Code  on  Decorum   and  Investigation  (CODI)  in  the   Gender   Sensitivity   Training  (GST)
        Module and in the conduct of all port operations training for port  users.  Information  materials
        were  also  disseminated  to  cargo  handling  operators  and  shipping  companies on  topics
        relating  to  Sexism  and  Stereotyping  which  limit  women’s opportunities. Efforts to organize
        women   and   raise   their   consciousness  on   gender   issues   were   exerted   through   the
        establishment of GAD Focal Points among the cargo handling operators.

             2.2.2 Economic Upliftment Program

        Promotion     of     the     economic     empowerment    of    women   was   given   high   priority.
        Livelihood training  courses  such  as  Reflexology,  Beauty  Culture  and  Care,  and  Smoked
        Fish  Preparation  were  conducted  at  all  sectors  of  the  PPA  GAD.  Medical   and   dental
        missions were likewise organized to ensure health and wellness of the beneficiaries.

In  addition  to  all  these projects, an unprogrammed activity was held from  20  April to 29 May 2009 at
PMO  Surigao.   This   involved   the  conduct  of  summer  tutorial  classes   on   Writing   and   Reading
Comprehension,  and  on  Learning  Mathematics the Easy Way. Ninety-three (93) students, composed
of children of dockworkers, PPA personnel and port users, benefited from the program.


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